FS-2500 Filtration System


The FS-2500 is a remote mounted filtration system. The FS-2500 cleans your oil at an efficiency rate of 2.78 microns absolute. This will allow the end user to extend oil drain intervals dramatically, and most importantly, stop up to 99% of the wear in the engine.


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The FS-2500 is approximately 11 inches tall and 5 inches wide. It is small enough to fit on any truck frame or in the engine compartment of heavy equipment. This system is also designed to work on automatic transmissions, hydrostatic drives, hydraulic systems and many other applications. Obtaining oil samples and servicing the filter are extremely quick and easy!

Our kits are engine/chassis specific, please call for pricing. If you would like additional information or would like to place an order call us at (416) 990-3965 or send an e-mail to specbilt@specbilt.com.


Service Procedure for the FS-2500

Change the oil and full flow filter on the engine that you will be installing the FS-2500. If you plan on using an oil analysis program, take a sample of your terminal oil. If you intend on extending your oil drain interval, Filtration Solutions strongly recommends using oil analysis to verify your oil’s condition. Install the FS-2500. Once the system is installed the service for the FS-2500 is as follows:


Step One:

Run the truck to 5,000 miles then take an oil sample, change the oil, the factory full flow spin-on filter(s) and change the element in the FS-2500. This early first change is a “scrubbing” period that allows the FS-2500 to clean up the soot and sludge that is resident in the engine AND control the soot that the engine is producing at the same time.

Step Two:
Run the truck to 10,000 miles, take an oil sample and change the element in the FS-2500 ONLY. Do not change the oil or the factory full flow spin-on filter(s). You now will have three oil samples on your engine; one before the FS-2500 was installed and two after the FS-2500 was installed. You are now developing a track record of your oil’s condition, your engine’s condition, and
the performance of the FS-2500.

Step Three:
Run the truck an additional 10,000 miles (now a total of 20,000 miles on the oil). Take an oil sample and change the element in the FS-2500 ONLY. When your oil sample results come in, take stock of the engine and oil condition and decide to either continue with the oil in your engine or change it (if oil analysis indicates the need to change the oil). Repeat step three every 10,000 miles until oil analysis indicates the need to change the oil or until you have reached your oil drain extension goal.

Step Four:
When oil analysis indicates that it is time to change your oil or when you have reached your target oil drain interval:

  1. Change your oil.
  2. Change your factory full flow spin-on filter(s).
  3. Change the element in the FS-2500.
  4. Start process over at step two and repeat until retirement


Specbilt Warranty for FS-2500 Filter Systems bought from Specbilt Enterprises Inc.

All FS-2500 Filter Systems purchased through Specbilt Enterprises Inc. (SE) are warranted by Specbilt Enterprises Inc. not Filtrations Solutions Worldwide Inc (FSW). All claims must be handled through Specbilt Enterprises Inc. If you choose to contact FSW regarding warranty claims on FS-2500 products bought through Specbilt Enterprises Inc. they will ask you to contact Specbilt Enterprises Inc.

  1. Specbilt Enterprises warrants that at the time of delivery, the filter system will conform to FSW published specifications. SE will repair or replace, at SE’s election, any Filter Systems that do not conform to #8 FSW published specifications. The foregoing warranty extends only to the original purchaser for a period of one year from the date of purchase, and does not apply where the failure is due to (1) the customer’s failure to use the filter system in accordance with SE and FSW instructions, (2) the customer’s malfunctioning equipment, (3) where the filter system is subjected to abnormal physical stress, negligence, miscue, or accident. Repair or replacement of the Filter System is the exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty or other claims for defects in the Filter System. All other products are provided without warranty.
  2. SE’s liability for all claims is limited to the purchase price of the filter system plus any actual shipping charges that the customer actually paid attributable to the Filter System.
  3. SE is not liable for indirect, special incidental, consequential, or punitive damages resulting from the use of the Filter System or arising out of any breach of any warranties granted by SE or any breach by SE or any of its obligations under this agreement or under applicable law.

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