Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FS-2500?

The FS-2500 is a bypass filtration system specifically designed for diesel engines. Diesel engines generate a lot of soot that grinds away the moving parts of your engine. Modern emission controlled engines with EGR and post-injection technology are serious offenders when it comes to oil contamination.

Isn’t my regular oil filter enough?

With new diesel pickups running from $30,000 to $70,000 and new class 8 trucks starting at $90,000 up to $150,000 you want to get maximum life out of your investment, especially with the cost of rebuilt engines starting from $15,000. Every engine needs a full-flow filter, but they have limitations. Because of the high volume of oil they must process, full-flow filters cannot be too restrictive or they risk starving the engine of oil. The most efficient standard filter will remove particles down to about 25 microns. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (paper 881825) and a number of major diesel engine manufacturers, particles in the 4 – 7 micron range are responsible for up to 88% of engine wear. The FS-2500 is specifically designed to remove the damaging particles in this range which are NOT removed by your factory oil filter.

What does a bypass filter do?

Instead of filtering your oil full flow, a bypass filter diverts a smaller percentage of an engines normal flow for finer filtration. The FS-2500 removes 99.63% of particles 2.78 microns and larger from the oil. The FS-2500 also removes water from condensation which causes acid build up, it will hold almost a pint of water. Anyone who has ever disassembled a diesel engine knows what a dirty job it can be. By removing water and carbon particles, the FS-2500 will prevent the formation of this is harmful sludge. Additionally, the life of the oil’s additive package (measured as TBN) will be significantly extended.

How do I know it works?

Oil analysis is the ultimate proof the any filtration system is working. Oil analysis results from thousands customers of the FS-2500 show that engines equipped with the FS-2500 have far less wear metal and soot contamination that they did before the FS-2500, even when oil drain intervals are tripled and quadrupled. Learn from the Pros! Over the Road truck drivers, using synthetic oil, have traveled 300,000 miles and more between oil changes. Fleet operators make their purchase decisions based on long-term operating costs and oil analysis, not phony advertising and untested claims. Take a look at our brochure for independent #rd party test results from the highly respected Southwest Research Institute that prove the FS-2500 does just what it claims!

What can the FS-2500 do for me?

SAVE YOU MONEY! Most diesel pickup owners are changing the filter element in their FS-2500 every 16,000 kms. and their oil at up to 32,000 – 48,000 kms. Oil analysis will determine the best interval for your particular engine and usage patterns. Clean oil lubricates better and will slightly increase fuel economy too! The FS-2500 will pay for itself in oil changes alone, especially for those who have chosen to make the costly investment in synthetic oil. Do the math – when you factor in time, hassle, and cost of oil changes, extended engine life, environmental cost of oil production and disposal, the FS-2500 just makes sense!

SAVE YOUR ENGINE! The average oil film thickness between loaded components on an engine is in the range of 0.5 to 20 microns – imagine what a 5 micron piece of grit does when it gets jammed between a piston and a cylinder wall with 3 microns of clearance!

Have a power chip?

If you have installed Power Chip, you are having fun, but also dumping much more soot into your engine and increasing the load at the same time – especially when you see all that black smoke rolling out of the exhaust! Taking into consideration the soot and extra loads on the engine, you cannot afford NOT to install the FS-2500! Better lubrication means more power too. You’ve done something To your truck, NOW do something for it.


Each kit is custom built for your engine, with complete step by step instructions and colour photos. Everything needed to perform the installation such as lines, fittings, and bolts are included. SpecBilt kits only come with stainless steel lines so you know you’ll never have problems with rubber being cut or chaffed.

Will using the FS-2500 affect my warranty?

Properly using the FS-2500 will result in oil quality far exceeding manufacturer’s requirements. The emphasis of OE requirements is on oil condition, not drain intervals. Your retained analysis records are evidence. Installing a bypass filter or any vehicle accessories will not void your warranty.