Oil Analyzing Kits



Realizing extended drain intervals, along with maximizing equipment life are main goals for SpecBilt when we install a FS-2500 system on your diesel engine. Without oil analysis no one can know when the proper time to change oil really is, change the oil too early and you don’t realize the maximum life of lubrication system in a vulnerable state.

We at SpecBilt insist that any program include oil analyzing within it, whether through our ALS Staveley program or if you have oil sampling program already in place. SpecBilt fully recommends ALS Staveley Services and is our in house provider of all oil sampling.

ALS Staveley Services is part of The ALS Laboratory Group http://www.staveleyna.com/public/FLhome.asp and is one of the largest and most diversified commercial laboratory groups in the world with 135 laboratories and offices located in 35 countries. ALS locally is in Burlington, Ontario and in Edmonton, Alberta.
Specbilt offers Basic Preventive Maintenance (OAK 1) oil analyzing kits in different quantities with discounts for volume purchasing. The OAK1 kit test includes:

  • Trace Elements & Additives (AE)
  • Viscosity @ 40 or 100C / ASTM D445
  • % Water (if free water detected – run water by Karl Fisher) Crackle Test
  • % Water By Karl Fisher – ASTM E203
  • Fuel Soot / Solids by Wilks Soot Meter
  • Fuel Dilution ASTM D3524
  • Coolant ASTM D 2982

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance (OAK2) oil analyzing kits are available by request. The OAK2 kit test includes:

  • Trace Elements & Additives (AE)
  • Viscosity @ 100 C / ASTM D445
  • Fuel Soot / Solids by Wilks Soot Meter
  • % Water (if free water detected – run water by Karl Fisher) Crackle Test % Water By Karl Fisher – ASTM E203
    Coolant ASTM D 2982
  • Fuel Dilution ASTM D3524
  • Base Number ASTM D4739 (Acid Number ASTM D664/D974 for Non-Engines can be substituted)
  • Oil Analyzing is not just for bypass filtering but is also available for other equipment and lubricant analysis including:
    • Lubricant Analysis (Oils, Metalworking fluids, Water-based Fluids)
    • Fuel Analysis (Diesel, Biodiesel and Marine Fuel)
    • Grease Analysis
      Coolant Analysis

    • Filter/Wear debris Analysis
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Construction Equipment
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Industrial Metal Fabrication
  • Railroads
  • Primary Metal Processors
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Offshore and Commercial Marine
  • Commercial Transportation
    Municipal Transit Agencies

Hydraulic Oil Analyzing Kits are also available by request. If there is analyzing situations that you don’t see here please email us and we’ll help you out. Please see our products page for costing.


Process Quality Control

Each of ALS Staveley Services facilities has a detailed quality assurance program. Each laboratory has an on-site Quality Assurance Coordinator that works with the local Lab Manager and the Corporate Quality Assurance Manager.

Process Quality Assurance

Continually maintaining sample integrity through the lab using Process Flow.

QA/QC Plan

ALS Staveley Services is committed to providing its customers with fast and reliable analytical testing and consulting services. To ensure the reliability of the analytical results provided, ALS Staveley Services has implemented rigorous Quality Assurance Programs at each laboratory. Our labs seek to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with regards to laboratory accreditation and certification.

Problem Recognition and Alarming

Once testing is completed, all data and sample information is reviewed for accuracy before submitting to our data evaluation staff. ALS Staveley Services uses dedicated Data Evaluators who are trained in equipment design, wear analysis, and oil formulation and contamination sources. Our network of trained Data Evaluators supports one another locally with industry and account specialization and is part of the Technical Resources Department within ALS Staveley Services.

Turnaround Time

ALS Staveley Services offers standard turnaround time of one business days for routine in-house testing. Turnaround time is closely monitored by Operations Managers to ensure it meets or in most cases exceeds contractual requirement

Reports via Auto- Email

  • Auto-Email can be configured to instantly email critical and/or abnormal sample results
  • Citicality level of sample is indicated
  • Ability to graph sample results to view trends
  • Ability to graph and evaluate statistically equipment by fleet to view trends

3 – Tier Warning System

  • Normal, Abnormal, Critical
  • Customized Alarm Limits
  • OEM based Limits
  • Statistical Limits based on test data
  • Generic Limits

oil analysis 1
oil analysis 1
oil analysis 1

The ALS Tribology Advantage

  • Independent testing service with a global presence
  • Security – ALS is a large quality, safety and environmentally committed company
  • Core business is analytical testing
  • Flexibility
  • Genuine commitment to ongoing service development.