Ultra Low Emissions Exhaust – Small Engines

SpecBilt is a provider of Global’s ultra low emission exhaust systems for small gas, diesel, propane and natural gas engines (single or twin applications) to reduce smells, gases, particulate associated with maintenance equipment. a GULE “can help you remove up to 99% hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions*.” The only ETV verified product for small engines available on the market today.

Uses include but no limited to:                                                Engines include but not limited to:

– pressure washers                                                                      – Honda (Stocked)

– water/trash pumps                                                                      – Kubota

– generators                                                                                   – Briggs and Stratton

– mowers                                                                                       – Subaru (Robin)

– trimmers                                                                                      – Kohler and more

– bobcats

– snowblowers

– tillers and more