Emission Systems


Automakers and our government have been concerned with harmful emissions and emission control since the 1960s. As time has moved on, we’ve all grown more concerned with reducing the size of our environmental footprint, and the technology to do so has grown with each generation.

Global Emissions Systems Inc., (GESi®) conducted over ten years of research and development in creating and testing their patented and proprietary advanced emission reduction technology called Dry Selective Catalyst™ (DSC™). The technology has been tested and verified in many applications from as small as a gas powered lawn mower engine up to as large as a 2500hp natural gas co-generation plant, in locations all around the world.

The GESi® technology is effective for any type of engine whether it is spark, rotary or compression, and works with all commercial fuels including gasoline, propane, natural gas, diesel and bio-diesel. This technology can be installed at the time of manufacture or can be retrofitted to replace the stock factory muffler.

The GESi® technology can reduce up to 99% of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are greenhouse and smog related emissions. For diesel applications, a catalyzed diesel particulate filter is integrated with the GESi® technology to reduce over 90% of diesel particulate matter. These harmful emissions contribute to pollution, health issues, and global warming.

There are many benefits for organizations deploying this technology, however, the ones that resonate most with our customers are as follows;

  1. Greening of Canadian Companies and Cities: Corporate Social Responsibility: The position an organization is taking on reducing their carbon foot print by reducing their greenhouse and smog related emissions and demonstrating that they are operating in an environmentally responsible manner. How this type of environmental initiative can improve and enhance corporate good will. How these projects address the changing buying demographics of the post baby-boomers who are seeking out companies and products that are environmentally conscious.
  2. Workplace and Employee Safety: Eliminating odors, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides where fuel burning equipment, machinery and vehicles are being used in the work environment. Improving the air quality results in improved worker productivity, attentiveness, and customer service. Reduce errors, accidents and absenteeism and damage to plant and equipment associated with work environments where employees are exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide.
  3. Emerging Carbon Credit Exchanges: There are evolving market forces that are creating real value for carbon credits, evidenced by the establishment of the voluntary exchanges including the European Climate Exchange, the Chicago Climate Exchange, the New York Mercantile Green Exchange and others. Today they provide current and future pricing for carbon credits by the metric ton and as governments and industries start to implement cap and trade or baseline and
    allowance systems, market supply and demand will formalize many of these exchanges. Organizations will be able to utilize existing ISO 14064 and 14065 standards to capture, record and verify carbon credits as a means to support business initiatives and potentially create new revenue streams.
  4. Corporate Governance: There are emerging areas in corporate governance relating to the management and disclosure of carbon assets and liabilities for both public and private organizations. The carbon assets and liabilities must be defined and disclosed as they can be material and could influence investment.

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Global Emissions Systems Inc. (GESi®) agrees to repair or replace any GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) as a direct result of a defect in original workmanship or materials furnished by GESi® which causes a malfunction or breakdown of a GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) during the warranty period, provided that:

  1. The engine is maintained properly and in accordance with the service and maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer;
  2. the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) is new at the time of purchase or lease by the warranty owner (the warranty is not transferable without the prior written consent of GESi®);
  3. the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) has been used only on the engine it was installed onto unless prior written consent is provided by GESi® ;
  4. the GESi Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™)has been used only with a low sulphur fuel source of Gasoline, Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel, and Bio-Diesel;
  5. the repair is made by GESi® or by an authorized GESi® dealer;
  6. the warranty owner pays any applicable removal and installation costs; and
  7. the repair is not an excluded repair.
    For complete details on the warranty period for your equipment, please contact your Global Emissions Systems Representative.

The following are exclusions from the GESi® warranty and are not covered:

  1. labour for removal and installation of the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™);
  2. repairs or replacement resulting from accidental damage, any alteration of the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™), abuse, use of improper fuel,
  3. operating the engine to which the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) is connected when the engine has been damaged, operated after engine wear results in excessive oil consumption or when the engine has not been properly maintained;
  4. repairs or replacement resulting from damage from an external cause;
  5. unauthorized repairs;
  6. repairs or replacement resulting from alterations or modifications to the engine to which the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) is connected after the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™);
  7. to any GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) where there is evidence of tampering with the odometer or other device for measuring the length of engine use
  8. where repair or replacement is required as a result of environmental causes, acts of riot or similar causes or acts of God;
  9. all consequential and/or resultant loss damage, injury, death and expenses resulting there from of any kind whatsoever suffered by any person or thing except as specifically provided for herein; and
  10. for repair or replacement resulting from normal vibration, deterioration, distortion or deformation.
  11. Repairs or replacement resulting from use of diesel fuel with sulphur content of greater than 0.5% (one-half of one percent).

The original Dry Selective Catalyst™ (DSC™) must be returned for repair or replacement at the discretion of GESi®. GESi® and the warranty owner agrees that GESi’®s liability in respect of an authorized repair is limited to the cost of repairing or replacing the GESi® Dry Selective Catalyst™ (DSC™) with a new or manufacturer’s rebuilt part or parts.

GESi® further warrants that, when installed and used in accordance with the terms of this Warranty, the use of a GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) will not damage the engine that it was installed to be used with. In the event of a claim by the Purchaser or authorized transferee of this Warranty, the Purchaser must make the machine in which the engine and GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™) are installed available to GESi® for inspection before any repairs are made. Failure to do so will void this Warranty.

If after inspection GESi®, acting reasonably, determines that the engine has been damaged due to the use of a GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™), GESi® shall, at its discretion, repair or replace the engine. In such event, the Purchaser shall make available to GESi® the machine containing the damaged engine. GESi® shall make the repairs or replacement as soon as possible. GESi® shall not be liable for loss of use or other collateral damage claims as a result of accepting responsibility for repair of the engine, and the Purchaser, by requesting repair of its engine and delivering the engine into the possession of GESi® for repair or replacement, acknowledges and agrees that this limitation is reasonable and acceptable.

This warranty contains all of the terms and conditions detailing the rights and obligations of the owner and there are no warranties or representations, express or implied, except those contained herein. It shall be a condition precedent to any obligation of GESi® hereunder that the owner return or make available to GESi®, or one of GESi®’s authorized dealers, the GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™).

For Canadian and International Product Sales, this warranty shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

To The Purchaser: A copy of your invoice, which must include the date of sale or installation, is your proof of purchase of a genuine GESi® Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC™). If you request a warranty replacement or repair, your invoice must be presented to an authorized Global Emissions Systems Inc. dealer. Warranty terms and limitations are set out in the entirety of this GLOBAL EMISSIONS SYSTEMS WARRANTY. Dealers cannot change or override the terms of the GESi® warranty.