Steve McCandless

Steve Mcandless Testimonial

“We have been using Filtration Solutions FS-2500 for nearly 3 years now, it has allowed us to reach some of our maintenance and environmental goals that we could never have reached without it. From a maintenance stand point; we have increased our oil drain intervals from 250 hours to 400 hours. Since having the FS-2500’s installed, our CAT S.O.S. oil sample reports have always come back perfect and indicate clearly that our engines and hydraulic systems should last us many times longer than they would without the FS-2500. We have been so impressed with the performance of the FS-2500 that we do not take delivery of any new CAT equipment until the filter is installed. From an environmental standpoint, extending our oil drain intervals by 65% have not only saved us time and money, it also has reduced significantly the need for waste oil removal services. Implementation has always been professional and efficient and the entire program is very cost effective. If you want to acquire a tool that will help you manage your business better, call Filtration Solutions today. You will be glad you did, we are.”

Steve McCandless, Garney Companies, Kansas City, Missouri