James Stewart

James Stewart Testimonial

“I have been using the FS-2500 for a year and a half and I love it already. I own a 1996 Mack CH613 with an E7 454 hp engine. I have religiously changed my oil every 10,000 miles for 31 years, that is, until I got my FS-2500. Now I change my oil every 60,000 miles and I could not be happier. My oil samples are absolutely perfect and my oil at 60,000 miles looks and feels like oil with 1,500 miles on it. In February 2001, I was at my Mack dealer in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and another trucker with a Mack was talking to my mechanic and they were talking about my truck and the FS-2500. The other trucker could not believe what he was hearing until we changed my oil. The mechanic drained 5 gallons of oil into a bucket and you could see clear to the bottom of the bucket! Now that is impossible on any diesel engine, especially a Mack, but the FS-2500 made the impossible happen. The other trucker who was asking about the FS-2500 said if he had not seen it with his own eyes he would not have believed it. Needless to say he bought an FS-2500 the next day. If you want to protect the huge investment that you have in your engine, and save thousands of dollars a year on maintenance, call Filtration Solutions today, the FS-2500 really works.”

James "Red-Eye" Stewart, Leased to B&D Motors, Inc., Merrill, WI