James Rawlins

“I have used the FS-2500 since 1995 and it has never let me down. The first truck that I put the FS-2500 on was a 378 Peterbilt with a Series 60 Detroit engine. When I installed the FS-2500, the truck had 525,000 miles on it. When I sold the truck the engine had 1,850,000 miles on it and ran great. My oil samples were perfect and the engine produced factory spec horsepower and torque on the dyno. That entire time, the FS-2500 stopped the wear in my engine and allowed me to go 50,000 miles on my oil drains. I never even needed an in-frame. In 1998 I bought a new truck with a CAT 3406E engine in it, and I put the FS-2500 on the same day. Since the FS-2500 got me 50,000 miles per oil change with Shell Rotella T 15-40, I wondered how far the FS-2500 would take me with synthetic; so I switched to Mobil One. I sent oil samples in every 12,000 miles and they always came back perfect. I ran my oil over 275,000 miles before I changed it. The only reason I changed it then was because I had an injector problem that put fuel in my oil. Over the years the FS-2500 has saved me nearly $13,000.00 in oil changes and countless hours of downtime at truck stops waiting in line for an oil change. The FS-2500 has allowed me to drive 2 trucks over 1,750,000 miles without rods and mains or an overhaul, now that is pretty good performance for less than $700 (updated). Call Filtration Solutions today and order a FS-2500 of your own, it is the best investment in the trucking industry today.”

James Rawlins, Leased to the Celadon Group, Dallas Texas