David Bones

David Bones Testimonial

“It can be tough making a living in the trucking business, so any edge you can get is welcome. We have found just that edge with Filtration Solutions FS-2500 filtration system. Since we started using the FS-2500, we have safely increased our oil drain intervals from 12,000 miles to over 50,000 miles. Our oil analysis reports always show that our oil is in great shape. Even though we are saving thousands of dollars on our oil drain costs, what we are really excited about is the fact that our engines have virtually ceased to wear. Any time you can keep you wear- related downtime to a minimum, that means a healthier bottom line for the business. Another benefit of the FS-2500 is its ability to control fuel soot in our oil even at extended drain intervals. As a test, we ran the FS-2500 on the same trucks that had a centrifugal-type filter installed already. Before the FS-2500s were installed, we would clean out about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of soot and dirt from the centrifugal-type filter every 12,000 miles. After the FS-2500 was installed there was NOTHING in the centrifugal filters at 50,000 miles, the FS-2500 is doing all the work! In the twenty years that we have been in this business, we have seen a lot of gimmicks come and go. But we can honestly say that the FS-2500 filtration system by Filtration Solutions really does more than the company promised. These filters are great; you owe it to yourself to give Filtration Solutions a call today!”

David Bones, The Bones Company, Ottawa, Kansas