Cecil Foley

Cecil Foley Testimonial

“Here at Tri-County Concrete we have been using the FS-2500 for two years now. When I first heard about the FS-2500 I was a little skeptical. But after seeing a demonstration I bought three systems to give them a try. To my surprise the FS-2500 worked better than Filtration Solutions told me it would. Using proof from our oil analysis reports we were able to extend our oil drain intervals from 200 hours to 800 hours. Needless to say, we have since installed the FS-2500 on all of our Ready Mix Trucks, Loaders and OTR Trucks. All of our equipment is now on an 800 hour oil drain interval. The first week of July 2001 we got the most convincing evidence that the FS-2500 is a must for any diesel engine. One of our 855 Cummins engines dropped a valve and had to be overhauled. When we took the engine apart we were shocked at what we saw. There was absolutely no soot or sludge anywhere in that engine. Not even in the tiniest of crevices. That five-year-old engine looked brand new! I have been around the aggregate business and diesel engines for forty years, and I, nor anyone I know has ever seen anything like this. If you want to protect your engines, call Filtration Solutions today.”

Cecil Foley, Tri-County Concrete, Kansas City, KS.