Bandy Bernard

Bandy Bernard Testimonial

“Here at Elm Transit, Inc. we have used the FS-2500 Filtration System since 1998 and we love it. Before we bought the system for our 20 trucks we changed our oil every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Now with the FS-2500 we change oil every 50,000 miles. The FS-2500 is saving us over $1,100.00 per truck per year, that kind of money adds up really quick. Before we bought the FS-2500, we asked Caterpillar their opinion of the system, they came out and told us that the FS-2500 would not give us any benefit at all. Boy were they wrong, not only are we saving a ton of money using the FS-2500, our oil sample reports are showing us that our engines should last us a lot longer than they would without the system installed. I guess that is why Caterpillar did not want us to use the FS-2500. If you want to save money on your operating costs and control soot in your engines like never before you need to call Filtration Solutions today, the FS-2500 really works.”

Bandy Bernard, Elm Transit, Springfield, Ill.