Techflex Wiring Loom

We know there’s more than one way to manage and protect wires and cables.

We believe sleeving is the best of all worlds when it’s time to deal with harnesses, snakes and bundles, and we want to convince you that some type of sleeving will be the perfect balance of economy, ease of use and long term usability for your applications.

It is easy to install!

Unlike other techniques and products designed for cable management, expandable sleeving is quick and economical to install over virtually any length. Just start at one end and walk the sleeving down the entire length of the bundle. The maximum installable length is only limited by the length of the application to be covered. Bundles of wires up to 1,000 feet or more can be sleeved quickly and easily, with no special tools or skills. Additionally, expandable sleeving will stretch up to 4 times its nominal diameter to accommodate plugs, connectors or inline splices with ease.

SpecBilt is a Techflex authorised dealer  focusing on the High Temperature; Advanced Engineering, Heavy Duty; Electrical Insulation sleeving.  We carry a range of products suggested for general wire management, bundling and protection applications in home, office, commercial and industrial environments. This selection of products offers economical and user-friendly solutions.

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