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Calcium Chloride and Salt are used as de-icing agents on roads throughout North America.  While these agents keep ice from forming and make driving safer, it is extremely corrosive to the electrical components (ECMs, lights etc),aluminum wheels, oil pans, and body parts on your vehicle.

conSALT safely removes corrosive and harmful salts that build up on your expensive road equipment and helps prevent damage to the painted surfaces. Your frames, undercarriages, aluminum and painted surfaces will experience prolonged life and less rust with good maintenance practices. conSALT can also be used to clean out brine tanks and lines to prevent corrosive salt build-ups.

The use of our anti-corrosion solutions will help prolong the life of your vehicle and its components.

conSALT – Salt Neutralizer

  • A salt neutralizer which will safely remove corrosive and harmful salt or calcium chloride build-up from road equipment, various surfaces and substrates.  Available in 20L pails or special order 205L drums
  • excellent for use in either low pressure or high pressure applications, variable dilution rates

These are a few items that may be of interest in regards to conSALT:

Undercarriage Wash System

  • Use of the Underbelly Wash system along with conSalt, will prolong the life of your vehicle’s undercarriage and components
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Connects to your existing pressure washer system
  • Prolong the life of your fleet with the use of the use of the Undercarriage Wash unit and conSalt salt neutralizer

 Deluxe Wet Sandblaster

  • Use your pressure washer with a sandblasting head for an excellent cleanup of rust, paint, or corrosion without dust or warping.

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