Portable Undercarriage Salt Neutralizer and Wash System.



Portable Undercarriage Salt Neutralizer and Wash System

Designed to hook up to your pressure washer, includes DDS and Manifold to control low pressure dispensing and high pressure rinse cycles on dedicated fanned nozzles.

This will prolong the life of you undercarriage and oil pans. Use CONSalt that fights the corrosion process, inhibit the paint , neutralize the salt and prevent the crystallization from forming on metal surfaces.

Our Undercarriage unit provides a simple and effective delivery system for the CONSalt.

Set the ball valve to the low pressure ConSALT neutralizer, Sizzle HD Brushless soap products and simply drive over the unit and then back over it to deliver the product chosen while it is running. This will provide good coverage to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Flip the ball valve lever to the high pressure rinse and drive over and back over to rise away the salt, and/ or dirt residue.

Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel decking allows multiple sized equipment use including:

  • Dump Trucks/ Plows
  • Commercial Lawn Mowers/ skid steers
  • Agriculture Equipment/ Tractors
  • Mining Equipment/ vehicles
  • School Buses/ Transit fleets
  • Semi Trucks and Trailers/
  • Garbage Trucks/ Packers
  • First Responder/ Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Decked Lawnmowers

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