Flitz Original Blue Buff Ball Extra Large (7″ Ball)


This premium buff ball won’t tear like foam buffers when hitting sharp edges.

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WB201bThe Flitz X-Large Premium Buff Ball can be machine washed and reused up to 10 times. The Buff Ball fits on a standard 3/8″ drill (not included) for unsurpassed ease of use and speed in achieving a mirror-like finish. Power-rated for speeds up to 2500 rpm, the felt Buffer Balls polish in record time and won’t scorch or burn. This premium buff ball won’t tear like foam buffers when hitting sharp edges. No exposed ball hardware to scratch surfaces. Made of soft Italian viscose fiber.

The 7″ Flitz Buff Ball is perfect for large flat or textured surfaces like large trucks, boats, semis and airplanes. Works well on elevator doors and railings. Quickly and easily buffs out brake dust, scuff marks, light scratches, oxidation, chalking, tarnish, pitting and corrosion.

For best results use with Flitz Polish-Paste or Flitz Polish-Liquid.

A revolutionary new way to Buff and Polish ALL Painted Surfaces, Metals, Fiberglass®, Plastics, Eisenglass®, Plexiglas®, Aluminum Running Boards, Mag Wheels, Railings, Motorcycles, Antiques, Furniture, Awnings, Shower Enclosures and Patio Furniture. Also works exceptionally well in Industrial Polishing and Buffing jobs on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Much More (Drill not included).

Safely and Easily Buffs out:
Scuff Marks, Light Scratches, Oxidation, Chalking, Tarnish, Pitting and Corrosion. Original Design made with Soft Italian Viscose Fiber. Buffs Hard-to-Reach Areas in Seconds. Fits all Drills, Air Tools, Drill Presses and Bench Grinders. Great for Textured and Smooth Surfaces. Can be Machine Washed and Reused up to 10 Times. Use Indoors or Outdoors. Will not Shed Lint.