Flitz Flat Matte Finish Paint Cleaner 473ml/16 oz. Spray Bottle


Specifically formulated for your painted surfaces.

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A stunning clean doesn’t always have to shine– do Flat/Matte the right way with this residue killing organic formula. One spray then clean and dry away with Flat/Matte Finish Cleaner!

Specifically formulated for your painted surfaces, Flitz flat/matte finish cleaner makes that finish you love look great! This non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaner will remove fingerprints, oils, grease, wax residue, and even bugs and bird droppings. And, since it contains no wax, silicones, or fillers, it dries back to your beautiful finish–no shine. Simply spray on and wipe off–it’s that easy! Remember when cleaning and keeping painted surfaces looking nice was a lot of work? No more; thank you, Flitz flat/matte finish cleaner–it’s safe, gentle, and effective.

• Safe for use on Flat & Matte Paint Finishes and Vinyl Wraps – Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Helmets, Toolboxes & more
• Removes fingerprints, bird droppings, bugs, wax residue & more
• Will NOT leave a shine – Will dry back to the prestine flat/matte finish you love
• Does NOT contain wax, silicones or fillers
• Environment friendly

Flat/Matte paint finishes contain microscopic imperfections that refract light. This decreases the amount of shine that the flat/matte finish gives off. Waxes and fillers would fill these imperfections which would cause the flat/matte finish to be uneven and splotchy. Our Flitz Flat/Matte Finish
Cleaner does not contain any waxes or fillers. IN FACT . . . our product will remove the residue left behind from waxes and fillers bringing back the prestine flat/matte finish you love!