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Extreme 4WD Heavy Duty 6 Pad System

CouplerTec 4WD Extreme Heavy Duty System


6 Pad system for 4WD vechiles

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Product Description

The 4WD Extreme Heavy Duty System offers the ultimate in protection. Specifically designed to protect Four Wheel Drive vehicles, it will dramatically reduce corrosion on vehicles exposed to CONSTANT (daily) use within highly corrosive environments such as driving on sprayed or salted roads. This system may also benefit older 4WD vehicles are suffering from minor existing rust problems. Remember, as good as this product is, it is not a miracle cure for badly rusted vehicles, as the more rust a vehicle has, the harder it is to stop.



Incorporates CouplerTec Coupling Technology – The ONLY tried tested and proven technology to protect motor vehicles from rust and corrosion.

Solid State Electronics – Offers an indefinite life span

Six Couplers, each charged by their own dedicated circuit

The CouplerTec module incorporates a microprocessor that employs a process called “Monitored and Controlled Performance” – This is where the microprocessor monitors and controls the performance of the system, ensuring that it is operating at the optimum level. The module confirms that it is working correctly by way of a Green flashing LED, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is being protected. Conversely, the system will also indicate the detection of a fault by way of a Red flashing LED. The system will reset after the fault has been corrected.